We are very excited to release the latest Arbiter feature - RefPay.  Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered by the information below.

What is RefPay and what are the benefits?
RefPay is a new Arbiter feature that facilitates free, electronic payment of officials by schools, leagues or associations.  Visit www.refpay.com for full details.  For Arbiter users it means paysheets can be paid electronically at no cost.  Schools and leagues can also pay officials electronically at no cost.  Benefits include:

How does it work?
Schools or associations use direct withdrawal to fund a RefPay account from which officials are paid.  Paying officials is then as easy as a RefPay security key and single click in Arbiter.  Once officials have received payments through RefPay they can choose to receive the money in one of three methods: 1) Direct Deposit to a bank account, 2) Transfer to a RefPay debit card or 3) Request a check*.  The process is easy, fast and free.
*A fee is assessed to officials that request funds by check.

How do I get Started?
Each official must simply visit the RefPay website and create an account, then enter that account information into Arbiter.  Those paying the offificials, whether an association or individual schools and leagues, will also create a RefPay account.  Currently, you must also notify the Arbiter to indicate your interest in RefPay for your account to be made RefPay-enabled (there is no charge for this).  The links below provide access to help files that will assist in the use of RefPay.  We recommend making the files below available to your officials through an announcement in Arbiter.  Contact us for help doing this.

Help File for Creating RefPay Accounts for Officials (this file is 5MB, so be patient)
Help File for Using RefPay.com
Help file for Schools/Leagues to Pay through RefPay

Feel free to contact us with questions for assistance.